Things To Be Aware Of When Goal Setting In Martial Arts

“Goals are the fuel in the furnace of achievement.”    –  Bryan Tracy, Eat That Frog

1.  Giving Up Takes A Psychological Toll

An important aspect of any goal setting to be aware of is that once you choose a goal your mind will react and rely heavily upon your outcome.  This is where you must be logical about your goals.  Don’t look to the Black Belt in the corner and compete with that person on your first day.  That would be no different than assuming that as a five year old you would instantly be able to do calculus.  Anything of value takes time and hard work.  Realize the distance you are attempting to travel and set a destination that is on the path and attainable.  Small successes are what build to great achievement. Find your personal obstacles on your path and celebrate the small victories.

“Frustration, although quite painful at times, is a very positive and essential part of success.”   – Bo Bennett

Be aware of an “action crisis” in your martial arts training.

Success requires the will to continue regardless of obstacle or previous failure.

Your action crisis is the moment in which you can choose to continue to persevere and strive to succeed or quit.  These are the times that knowledge about stress and how you can help deal with them comes in handy.  Use achievable goals to keep you positive, seek out those who will reinforce your progress and keep your perspectives in check,  and avoid focusing on failure by treating each attempt left underachieved as a learning experience.

2.  Being Specific Regarding your Martial Arts Training Helps

Have a clear path.  Having a “map” of sorts will ensure a better chance of success in martial arts.

Knowing What Goals To Set Make A Huge Difference

Knowing What Goals To Set Make A Huge Difference

Take the time as a martial artist to look out at the path that lays before you.  Create steps on this path with minor obstacles to overcome as you build toward your intended achievement.  It should be as narrow as the blade of a sword.  This should sharpen your focus knowing that time can be wasted not paying attention to where your feet are on the path.  Ambiguity allows you to stray and get off task.  It should be far reaching as if continuing for infinite distance.  Mastery in martial arts is a mirror of the mastery of ones self.  Make your martial arts a part of your life and instead of one goal realize that there are many small ones along the way.  It should be full of failures so be expecting them.  You cannot have an achievement without also having failure first.  Each obstacle you overcome makes you a better student and eventually teacher in martial arts.  It should have many small pieces.  Each accomplishment provides you with the insight on how to continue your success and how to show others as well. Map out your goals with the intent of adding many successful accomplishments together toward your end goal.  Then when you complete it.  Find and strive toward a new one.

3.  Martial Arts Training Requires Using Your Inner Voice As A Useful Tool

Create a MARTIAL ARTS MANTRA and use that inner voice for good.

Even if your mantra is as simple as “You can do this” having this assistance fortitude when training is what gives you the upper hand in achieving a goal.  Use notes or messages to yourself so you don’t give in to the body’s natural temptation to stop.  Most importantly change your mindset to that of an athlete.  When you train with the attitude of a person who tries to “work out” then you mentally allow that voice of doubt.  Once you view yourself as someone who CAN complete a task then you WILL be able to do so.

4.  Sharing Goals Breeds Success In your Endeavors

Think of family and friends as the support structure they are for your martial arts training.

By making those in your life who love and support you aware of what you are doing you create accountability.  Don’t underestimate the value of having someone you love there every step of the way.  They can give you words of encouragement and also serve as a symbol to achieve for.  Knowing there is someone in your corner who in a way is counting on you can give you the extra push when adversity sets in.  Yes, there is the aspect of potential disappointment of your family of friends that could be the kick you need.  But let’s face it.  Everyone likes a good cheerleader in their corner.  Also, share the experience with friends.  Those who train with others can work together to fight fatigue increase drive.  Also by sharing with a friend or loved one you can help build a stronger personal bond through martial arts.

5.  Find the “Happy” In Your Martial Arts

“Happy” in your martial arts training is all about balance.

Most already know the danger of being under motivated and lacking the drive to meet a challenge.  If not you probably wouldn’t read about better goal setting.  What many miss the mark on is what constitutes healthy involvement.  Being OVER motivated is just as detrimental.  Excessive training and not allowing your body to rest can drive you to burnout and push you toward your action crisis (see section #1 above) sooner and almost ensure a negative outcome.  Remember, all martial arts are about balance.  Yin and Yang in perfect concert.  you must take time to train your mind and body and also take time to treat them so they can recuperate.  Do not take on too much at once, knowledge is not mastery.  Being capable with fewer techniques will get you further than having a lot of knowledge you cannot apply.  Be content with learning one piece at a time and training it so your knowledge of each technique is deeper.

“Happiness is not a matter of intensity but of balance, order, rhythm and harmony.”   –  Thomas Merton

6.  Staying Optimistic Will Actually Help Your Martial Arts

Understand the difference between losing a battle and winning a war. 

Your thoughts determine how far you can go.

Your thoughts determine how far you can go.

Although it is difficult to do, keep a positive mind.  Your attitude will influence every aspect of your training as well as every part of your life.  Be mindful of how you view each aspect of what you do.  Be aware of when you mind needs change and strive to always look for ways to build yourself up.  Realize that when you fail it is just one battle and that your struggle toward your goals will eventually end.  If you allow negativity in then eventually it will rule the outcome of what you do.  Keep excuses out and focus on reasons why you will succeed.

We here at Seattle White Tiger strive to offer the best martial arts instruction in Lynnwood and the greater Seattle area. From youth to adult we offer a fun and functional way to increase your health, mental acuity, strength, and well being. We believe that martial arts to be a life enhancing activity that gives a student goals and with hard work will give benefits back to our students for the rest of their lives.
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