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Private Lessons in martial arts Lynnwood WAWhy we focus on private martial arts instruction.

From their origin many styles of martial arts taught outside of temples were passed down one Teacher (Laoshi) to one Student (xuesheng).   Instructors provided their knowledge to willing students who would give them a room, board, and money for what was considered privileged knowledge.  It is in this tradition of teaching one to one that our school sets its foundation.  For the instructor we can obtain a continuity of teaching that is not afforded to group classes alone.

Most martial arts today are in a group setting.  This leads to many problems for the instructor.

private lessons

Why Group Classes Are Not Enough vs Private lessons

Traditionally in martial arts schools training in groups is very structured and repetitive.  This has two immediate benefits for the student; discipline and repetition.  It is the rigid structure of class is the perfect environment to require more of the student.  Classes set the hierarchy of a school and teach students to be courteous and respectful of others with the techniques they learn.

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private lessons

Group Classes are important because they provide:  private lessons

  • Opportunity to practice techniques on many different body types.

  • Motivation that comes from being expected by their peers to come to class.

  • Students get the much needed repetition of their techniques.

  • Visual learners will get much more from watching higher belts in classes.

Group Classes Fall Short When:  vs private lessons

  • Students pick up uncorrected bad habits from other students.

  • If you miss a class then you miss curriculum slowing progress.

  • Concepts are more difficult to learn in a group setting.

  • Knowledge is provided at the group pace regardless of your needs.

  • Instructors rarely have sufficient time for students needs.

Seattle White Tiger Kung Fu Teaches Through An Integrated Private Lessons Program private lessons

The majority of martial arts schools train on a group class basis.  All techniques are structured on a rotating curriculum.  The year is mapped out in advance and provides little personalized teaching.  Although this can be an efficient means of teaching the art to many students at once it is not the most effective way to teach.

Our Private Lessons will help you:

  • Learn at a faster rate. (Often 4 times the normal rate)

  • Have a better understanding of what you are learning.

  • Receive corrections to your technique specific to you direct from the Instructor.

  • Provide you a personal forum for questions.

  • Knowledge is distributed at your pace.  (Nothing is sped up or slowed down unless necessary)


Begin your martial journey by setting up your private lessons today.


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